Top Teething Toy - Sophie The Giraffe

Quite a few parents wonder why Sophie the Giraffe is the best teething toy for a child. The simple reason for this is because the manufacturers of Sophie have done their best to make a distinctive teething toy that goes beyond the normal needs. Chewing and holding the toy is the key concern whenever teething toys are produced. The manufacturers of Sophie the Giraffe put together a toy which excites all of your baby's sensory faculties whilst providing him or her a distinctive experience that they won't get with some other teething toy. If you wish to understand more then read on.

Components Which are Safe

Let's be honest for a moment: a lot of teething toys are constructed from terribly toxic or hazardous components. The components are typically safe enough to touch, however your baby is doing more than that. Anything your baby chews on can get into her system as she chews and breaks off bits and pieces. No one wants anything to happen to their baby however having fun with toys which have these hazardous substances in, or on, them can cause undesirable health threats.

You'll find no concerns like this when you get your little one Sophie the Giraffe. The material is one hundred percent natural rubber that is both BPA and phthalate free. What this means is that your baby can chew throughout the day without making you be worried about her becoming sick. Sophie the Giraffe is painted with food grade paint so there are no concerns there either.

Soothing Baby

You won't find a better teething toy when it comes to calming and soothing your little one. This toy is a lot more than simply a teething toy.

You'll find three ways Sophie the Giraffe calms your child. Grasping Sophie the Giraffe, and holding onto her, is not difficult with her thin neck and legs. Sophie can easily be chewed on for many hours without little one ever losing her grasp. Sophie is going to be a source of comfort for your baby as she learns to associate the natural rubber smell with her favorite teething toy, and relief.

Sophie is a lovey toy as well as a teether. She's enjoyable to hug and her squeak delights infants. Sophie is going to be like a comforting baby blanket which goes everywhere your baby does.

Providing Sensory Stimulation

Small children develop their senses by investigating their world. Anything you can do to encourage this is a good thing. Quite a few professionals suggest that you get toys for your child which develops their senses because you'll find many psychological and physiologicalbenefits.

When your baby plays with Sophie the Giraffe she will use all five of her senses. The gentle, squeaky sound entrances her and encourages her to use her hearing. The soft, flexible rubber means little one will use her hands, and sense of touch, to manipulate Sophie as she plays with her.

The dark spots on Sophie make a vibrant contrast and her sweet face is something small children love to look at. Sophie's contrasting colors can easily actually help a baby better their vision.

Your baby's sense of smell and taste are going to be used to investigate Sophie the Giraffe. The taste and smell of natural rubber are fairly prominent with Sophie, and your baby will learn to associate this smell with teething and being soothed. It also helps her learn to sort out diverse tastes and smells.

Built to Last

Little ones can chew their way through teething toys in no time whatsoever. Hours of chewing and years of teething can be hard on your child's favorite teething toy. Teething toys crack and break with time from continual chewing and from saliva. You might be wondering if the same thing is not true of Sophie.

Well, the testimonials by moms and dads sat Sophie can handle teething and end up on top. Some moms and dads stated that a little of the paint came off after many months, however this is comparatively uncommon. The majority of dads and moms stated that they could easily hand this teething toy right down to their next child.

Sophie the Giraffe has also proven to be sturdy against teeth, not only gums. Your infant's teeth will have a very difficult time piercing the natural rubber. If he or she's able to destroy Sophie, then your child has the teeth of a barracuda and a jaw the strength of Hercules.

No Threat of Swallowing the Toy

The simple truth is your baby can easily choke on just about any teething toy out there. Teething toys are frequently choking hazards regardless of how safe they seem because the go in a child's mouth. Choking and causing permanent damage isn't a worry with the way Sophie was created.

Countless teething toys end up getting stuck inside child's mouth posing a genuine choking risk. While your little one can fit the neck and legs in her mouth, the body is just too big. The toy can be easily removed if parts of it to go into infant's mouth.

You Will Not Find A Better Teething Toy Anyplace

There's no better teething toy anyplace than Sophie the Giraffe. A fun toy that is 100% safe and non-toxic, calming to baby and promotes learning while playing. What more could a dad or mom ask for in a toy? Plus she's long lasting enough to endure years of punishment from a lively baby, an outstanding option for a teething toy.

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